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Our story begins in 1971. Since then, Lodi Area EMS has kept the residents of the Lodi area safe. We’ve got the latest equipment and training services, allowing us to quickly respond to each call we receive. Our residents have come to rely on us and we’re proud to serve them. At Lodi Area EMS, the well being of our community is our ultimate goal. Call us anytime.


Staffing Resources and Deployment

Lodi Area EMS utilizes a hybrid staffing model utilizing EMS professionals from both a Paid On Call status as well as Career EMS. This was brought to fruition in 2016 realizing that our residents and visitors deserved to be served consistently  and professionally.

We are staffed 24/7 with Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians; both career and Paid On Call. We have compliment of other EMS staff at both the EMR and EMT level that play a vital role in our delivery of care.

With this dynamic staffing, we are able to offer our residents response times that rival fully career staffed departments, and we are able to do so with professional, aggressive and compassionate professionals who are driven to provide the best care to our patients.

As a service, we are constantly reevaluating our position and our goal is to remain at the forefront in our care delivery. 

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