Lodi Area EMS serves our territory with the utmost professionalism, skill and confidence. Our residents have come to rely on us and we’re proud to serve them. 


We’ve got the latest equipment and training services, allowing us to quickly respond to each call we receive.


We take the issue of Emergency Medicine very seriously. At Lodi Area EMS, the well being of our community is our ultimate goal.

The secret of success

Our team has been awarded the 2023 Mission Lifeline EMS Recognition Award!

A little about us

Our story begins in 1971. Since then, Lodi Area EMS has kept the residents of the Lodi area safe. We’ve got the latest equipment and training services, allowing us to quickly respond to each call we receive. Our residents have come to rely on us and we’re proud to serve them. At Lodi Area EMS, the well being of our community is our ultimate goal.

Lodi Area EMS utilizes a hybrid staffing model utilizing EMS professionals from both a Paid On Call status as well as Career EMS. This was brought to fruition in 2016 realizing that our residents and visitors deserved to be served consistently and professionally.​

We are staffed 24/7 with Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians; both career and Paid On Call. We have compliment of other EMS staff at both the EMR and EMT level that play a vital role in our delivery of care.​

With this dynamic staffing, we are able to offer our residents response times that rival fully career staffed departments, and we are able to do so with professional, aggressive and compassionate professionals who are driven to provide the best care to our patients.​

As a service, we are constantly reevaluating our position and our goal is to remain at the forefront in our care delivery. 

We embrace “PRIDE”
P – Professionalism
R – Respect
I – Integrity
D – Dedication
E – Excellence

Our Mission

The Mission at Lodi Area EMS is to serve the public as a team of dedicated, compassionate, professionals providing quality and progressive emergency care, education, and community service.

Our Core Values

Lodi Area EMS has identified five core values that help our service to have the greatest impact and your responsibilities to each one as a professional member of Lodi Area EMS. 

Our Vision

Lodi Area EMS is committed to recognizing the challenges of providing emergency medical care, and we will expand our role as a critical public safety agency that delivers exceptional pre-hospital emergency care. We will remain at the forefront of EMS advancements, driving progress in clinical care, operations, training and member development. 

Not just 911 response

Lodi Area EMS offers our community a variety of education and interactive opportunities. We love talking about our profession, and showing our equipment. We are passionate about teaching YOU to help others, and have a variety of classes we can offer.


Need CPR certification? We do that. From 1 to 100 students, we can accomodate you.

Stop the Bleed

Traumatic injury and treatment are not new to us, but for the everyday person it may be. Be prepared with our Stop the Bleed classes.

Tours & Presentations

Want to see where we work? Ever wondered what the ambulance and all the equipment does? Stop at our station and we will show you! 

Standby Services

We provide a variety of standby EMS services. You will usually see us out and about at local athletic events, community events and interagency trainings.

Meet Our Medical Director

Lodi Area EMS Medical Direction

At the heart of every service there is a sometimes hidden component that without, our agency would not thrive. Our Medical Direction Team led by Dr. Kacey Kronenfeld is the area’s best. Here are just a few reasons:

A few things we’re great at

Our close partnership with Madison Emergency Physicians enables Lodi Area EMS to provide care that is both aggressive and patient centered, and our education platform and program keeps our providers on the leading edge of EMS care.

Continuing Education & Advancement

Physician involved training drives our staff to be the best.

Progressive & Evidence Based Medicine

Protocols that are evidence based and progressive allow us to treat aggressively.

On-Line Physician Support

Only a phone call away, we can consult with a physician regarding your care and help guide you through decisions you are facing.

Partner Collaboration

Working closely with area hospitals and Paramedic providers creates a seamless transition of your care.

want to learn more?

Meet Our Leadership Team

Russ Schafer


Russ has been involved in EMS since 2002 when he graduated from Madison College’s Fire Academy. He is dual role certified as a Firefighter as well as EMS. He has been an AEMT since 2003, and has worked in busy urban departments and rural departments, so he brings a wealth of knowledge on various EMS delivery methods. He is a graduate of Waukesha Technical College Emergency Management and Leadership program. As Chief of EMS, Russ is responsible for all aspects of administration and operations of Lodi Area EMS.

Bobbi Brown

Assistant Chief

Come work with us

We accept applications on a consistent basis. We are always looking for dedicated, compassionate and aggressive providers.

What we offer

Lodi EMS prides itself on providing the best pre hospital care our licnese will allow. We are aggressive in our treatments, and we are compassionate in our interactions. We will offer you endless opportunity to learn and grow including conference and outside training attendance. We offer a full uniform package, PPE, monthly pay and an awesome medical direction team who actually interacts with you.

Our expectations

To be a paid on call or paid on premise member of Lodi Area EMS, you will need to undergo training if you are not already licensed. Once you are working as a candidate, you will be expected to work at least 36 hours a month on the ambulance. You will also be expected to attend our training night, and POC/POP members also do ambulance checks each shift as well as general cleaning and upkeep of our equipment. The biggest thing you will need here will be a GREAT attitude and willingness to learn.

Our onboarding process

​If you are already licensed as an EMT or AEMT, the process involves orientation with our service and protocols. You will then ride as a third to orient to our patient care practices until your training is complete. You will also be training in Emergency Vehicle Operations, Patient Privacy, CPR and other classes as needed and required.

The length of this process is dependent on your time commitment, but we do expect you to be cleared within 90 days.


Tactical Emergency Medical Support

New for 2023, we will be working with Columbia County Sheriff’s ERT unit to provide TEMS service in partnership with Dells-Delton EMS. We also provide intra-agency training on Rescue Task Force operations and other Active Shooter Hostile Event Response, or “ASHER”. 

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